Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility: Powerful Conversations

Nursing staff, administrators, medical and leadership professionals within the healthcare setting will benefit from this interactive presentation that includes Kathleen Bartholomew actively modeling scenarios using the powerful conversation methodology.

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In this presentation, Brady and Kathleen discuss horizontal hostility, the passive‐aggressive style of communication and conflict avoidance regularly practiced by physicians and nurses. Ending Nurse to Nurse Hostility – Powerful Conversations will give you the models and tools you need to have powerful, positive conversations that will create a healthy culture and environment where it feels good to work and it is easier to get things done.

In the Ending Nurse‐to‐Nurse Hostility series you will:

  1. Acknowledge the symptoms that make peer‐to‐peer hostility a serious problem.
  2. Learn to identify the common ground that resolves outstanding differences
  3. Understand how to overcome emotional resistance within a healthcare setting ‐ learn how emotions can get in the way of healthy conversations and the tools needed to create those healthy conversations
  4. Learn the Pull Conversation model ‐ practice a conversation methodology through numerous focused exercises on specific healthcare scenarios
  5. Watch eight different role plays with opportunities to practice including:
    • Nurse to Nurse ‐ Performance: the use of Facebook
    • Nurse to Nurse ‐ Performance: a task that has not been completed
    • Nurse to Nurse ‐ Recognition
    • Nurse to Nurse Manager ‐ Needs Resources
    • Physician & Nurse ‐ Amygdala Hijack ‐ how to deal with conflict situations
    • Patient/Family Member & Nurse ‐ Amygdala Hijack ‐ two different role plays on how to deal effectively with patients or family members who are upset\
    • Nurse Manager to Nurse ‐ Abuse of sick time

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