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Beyond Engagement

A Brain-Based Approach That Blends the Engagement Managers Want with the Energy Employees Need

Today’s employees may be engaged, but they’re exhausted. Lacking energy, they resort to quick fixes, workarounds, and reactive firefighting. Pointing to brain science research, this clear, concise and compelling book provides business leaders with the tools to create a sustainable and innovative organizational culture—focussed on both engagement and energy. 

(Available in paperback and ebook formats.)

Beyond Engagement Manager's Toolkit

Despite being engaged, employees can’t do their best work. They’re overworked and exhausted. They barely have enough energy left for their personal lives.  Meanwhile, managers are responsible for improving employee engagement, but many lack the tools and know-how.  

The Beyond Engagement Toolkit is an exceptional tool for managers and leaders to positively impact the energy and engagement levels of their teams!

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