Case Study: PHH Arval Proactively Transforms its Sales Culture

Improve your sales conversations by getting past the Sticking Point.

A typical sales executive spends 50 to 95 percent of his or her time in conversation.  Getting it wrong means lost revenue and missed goals.  Learn how Juice Inc™ helped PHH Arval, a fleet management company, achieve double-digit growth in a market that typically grows at a low single-digit percentage.

By introducing the Sticking Point process, Juice provided PHH Arval with a set of tools to transform the sales conversation from an awkward, resistant, “push-style” to one of mutual respect and connection.

PHH Arval used the Sticking Point process to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of cold calls;
  • Exceed sales goals;
  • Achieve double-digit sales growth.

For the last decade, Juice has helped organizations transform the power of conversation to achieve real business success.

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