Case Study: New safety record, High Productivity and Increased Customer Service Scores

The profitability at a manufacturing plant was rapidly declining due to the frequency of re-work and mistakes. Safety records were unsatisfactory, and the relationships between supervisors and the front line also needed drastic improvement.

The Goal

Quite simply, the Plant and HR Managers had one request, “Help us turn things around!” They wanted to develop a new climate where improved communication eliminated re-work and costly mistakes, and promoted innovative solutions.

The Solution

  • Research root issues and uncover reasons for low trust, lack of respect and fear in the system.
  • Conduct a pilot training session for the organization’s “toughest nuts” to gain their buy-in.
  • Solicit feedback and implement into plant-wide training over a four-month period.
  • For added convenience and to eliminate scheduling conflicts, the training was delivered in five, two-hour segments.
  • Conduct a Leadership Conversation Intervention.
  • Follow up with one-on-one coaching for five of the key leaders.

The Results

  • Engineers and machinists have a better relationship.
  • Input is sought early and improvements are made in the design phase
  • Profitability increased
  • Greater customer satisfaction scores
  • Improved culture

In the words of the client

“You should really feel good about the work you did with our people…we have led our division in profitability for the last couple of years and we remain well ahead of our other business units. In a recent customer survey, we received high marks for our quality and for the support provided in all areas of technology and service to our customers. We have now broken all previous records on safety. You know how important I feel this is as a measure of our management and team skills. In short, you made a difference to our organization.” Business Unit Manager

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