eBook:  Love at Work: Driving Employee Performance Through Emotional Engagement

Data from the Corporate Leadership Council proves that the emotional side of engagement is actually four times more powerful than the rational side when it comes to driving business impact. Juice’s new e-book, Love at Work: Driving Employee Performance Through Emotional Engagement, explains the difference between rational and emotional engagement and presents real-life examples of how emotional engagement leads to improved business results.

The complimentary e-book explains the elemental rule of the feelings economy, which says that when managers meet the felt needs of their employees, managers release the energy that triggers discretionary effort. Discretionary effort is the difference in the level of effort one is capable of bringing to an activity or a task versus the effort required to simply get by or make do.

The e-book is an excerpt of Juice co-founder Brady Wilson’s new book, Love at Work: Why Passion Drives Performance in the Feelings Economy. The book seeks to inspire leaders to build cultures where managers can learn to extend themselves, investing in the highest good of their people, their communities and their planet.

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