Ebook:  Innovation in a Box

Improve your innovation skills to drive results. 

Innovation is crucial to the success of every organization - regardless of its business.  Yet while organizations say that we “need to be more innovative”, at a grassroots level individuals and teams often don’t know how to translate that need into action. This knowledge/practice gap led Rick Boersma to write a graphic guide to innovation,Innovation in a Box, which will be released in early 2012. 

This e-book highlights some learnings excerpted from Chapters 2-4 of the Innovation in a Box Graphic Guide and the associated training program.  In it we discuss the interplay between thinking preferences, emotional intelligence, openness, and idea generation.  We explore the metaphor of “the box”, and why individuals may be better off operating “in the box” than out of it.

For more information about our innovation philosophy, we invite you to check out other resources available on this site. You can find a video of our philosophy and approach, an innovation webinar and the opportunity to contribute to the success of the upcoming graphic innovation guide (Introduction and sign up).

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