Case Study: Doubled Sales Growth in 12 Months


David was the VP of marketing in a global food company. After proving himself in both Canada and the United States, he was parachuted into an underperforming division in the UK branch. His mandate: “Turn this division around and get results.” This branch just wasn’t hitting its numbers. David pushed hard for two years, but the team was unwilling to be on the hook for results. Stress mounted so David enlisted some help.

The Goal

Personality clashes, culture and organizational history all contributed to the team’s unwillingness to be on the hook for results. The mandate for Juice was quite clear: Turn this division around and get results.

The Process

In day one, the leadership team learned how to pull out (understand) one another’s realities in conversation. During day two, they used this model to solve the substantive trust and commitment issues that were holding David and his team back. If the team learned to pull understanding from each other, rather than push their understanding onto one another, they could resolve the issues more quickly, with greater commitment. For this to happen, David first had to pull from his team and listen to their reality, while fighting his instinctive desire to defend himself and justify his actions.

David listened to the group, and then expressed his own reality. From there, a Bigger Reality emerged - David and his team wanted the same things. They all wanted to produce great results, retain the distinctive elements of the UK culture and they prized family over work. Uncovering these discoveries was a breakthrough and the team understood each other’s motives, how to meet each other’s unique emotional needs, and they knew how to move forward.

The Results

The most powerful aspect of this breakthrough is that it wasn’t a one-time affair. The experience changed the team. They began to achieve unprecedented financial results and they doubled their growth in one year. And in the words of the client, “You helped us achieve in three days, what had taken us more than two years to accomplish.”

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