Case Study: A More Productive Culture

Conflict and poor performance was interrupting the work flow with customer service representatives(CSRs) within a call centre environment. Resentment was building and problem-solving was overshadowed by blame.

The Goal
Improve trust levels and relationships within the call centre environment.

The Solution
Interview each of the CSRs to uncover the issues creating the conflict, followed by group training, and one-on-one coaching sessions for some of the participants.

The Results - In the Words of the Client
"People are coming to me with their solutions and they're sharing their experiences. People volunteer to help each other. People who didn't used to speak are now speaking to each other. Subsequent, follow-up training has been easier. There is more openness. None of this ever would have been able to take place. People are sharing what needs to be done to build good relationships. I can be brutally honest and people react positively. Sometimes you can do training and it doesn't stick, this did. Employees are coming to conclusions and solving issues on their own. People are talking and resolving."

"The results of the training have just been fantastic."

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