Case Study: 12,000% return on investment…

"Bill" is an engineer for a major nuclear power plant. After several incidents, his lack of tact caused him to become a relational liability at work. Although his technical work was stellar, Bill was oblivious to his communication style and this was hindering his advancement. Juice was called in to unlock what seemed like a lose/lose situation.

The Objective

Our objective was to simply help Bill with his conversation skills so that he could see and feel his supervisor’s reality the way his supervisor saw and felt it.

The Reality

Bill’s conversation skills seemed almost non-existent. He required candid, one-on-one feedback about his performance, alienated relationships needed to be repaired and he frequently “convinced” others of his viewpoint.

The Process

Candid feedback, one-on-one coaching, dialogue training

The Results — From the HR Manager

“An epiphany happened after the training. You most definitely made a difference. You turned around an individual who was unable to contribute to his potential because of his lack of interpersonal skills. You won’t believe it but Bill saved the company $1.2 million because of your training! He found a proposal to be more expensive and less efficient than it should have been. His previous style would have been to go into high confrontation mode and alienate the supplier. Had he done that, they would have carried through with the proposal the way it was. As it turned out, Bill dealt with them very professionally, got them on-side and he was able to show them a course of action that would get them what they wanted while saving our company more than a million dollars.”

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