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The Big Picture

The Art of Alignment

The Big Picture is an engaging experience that beautifully illustrates the importance of ensuring all the components of your organization — people, processes and resources — are aligned with its strategic vision.

Participants work in teams, each responsible for creating a component of a 8-by-10 foot banner. The pieces are assembled into the final image which is raised in a big reveal.  It allows participants to witness the favourable outcome of their efforts as well as the price of misalignment. 

The Big Picture can be tailored to highlight specific themes such as (but not limited to):

  • A new vision or strategy
  • Alignment across the organization
  • Your company values
  • Employee engagement
  • Communication
  • Collaboration + Teamwork

​The Big Picture is a scalable (30 - 500+ participants) learning experience that takes 1.5 to 3 hours and can bring to life:

  • A team building session
  • A leadership/management development program
  • A leadership/management conference or offsite

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Customer Feedback

Brady delivered a captivating keynote with humour, thought-provoking and relevant anecdotes that deeply touched the audience.

Kelly Daly, Events Director
HRPA Grand Valley Chapter