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The Big Picture

The Art of Alignment

The Big Picture is an engaging experience that beautifully illustrates the importance of ensuring all the components of your organization — people, processes and resources — are aligned with its strategic vision.


Participants work in teams, each responsible for creating a component of a 8-by-10 foot banner. The pieces are assembled into the final image which is raised in a big reveal that allows participants to witness the favourable outcome of their efforts as well as the price of misalignment. 


The Big Picture illustrates how the work of each person, team and department affects the customer experience and therefore impacts the bottom line. Participants gain the confidence and competence needed to create a cross-functionally aligned organization that removes bottlenecks, improves productivity, achieves outstanding results and is a great place to work.


Participants are divided into teams of three to ten members. Collectively they must produce an 8-by-10 foot banner.

The banner is composed of 20 sheets of paper, each one 2-by-2 feet square. Each of the 10 teams is responsible for two squares and ensuring alignment with adjacent squares. Lines must connect and colours must match.

To be successful, the group must define and communicate The Big Picture, clear expectations, and an execution strategy.

The end result is always revealing! Participants experience how their actions and behaviour impact the performance of their team and of the overall organization.


Number of participants: 30 to 500+
Time required: 1.5 to 3 hours

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Customer Feedback

"This is the first workshop I’ve attended in a decade where I actually learned something new and different! I was stimulated and captivated by the content."

Philbin-Wilkinson, Program Dir.
Northeast Mental Health Centre

"Brady Wilson is the expert on releasing intelligent energy and energizing your customers."

Brian Stevenson, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing,
LaserNetworks Inc.