Terra Nova | Learning Simulation

Terra Nova - Learning Simulation

Build a City. Build a Team. Build a Future.

Terra Nova
is an experiential learning simulation that mirrors the real-world challenges faced by organizations - challenges such as operating in silos, breakdowns in communication, lack of clarity/alignment around strategy, roles and objectives. Terra Nova will engage your team in exploring and overcoming these challenges as they create an environment that balances getting results and creating a great place to work. 

In the simulation, six teams representing distinct departments work together to build a new city (Terra Nova). Their mission: to make Terra Nova prosper. As teams dive in, friction and inefficiencies surface, quality suffers and changes must be made to deliver on the objectives. Through four quarters of play and multiple debriefs, teams will have the opportunity to stop and evaluate their behaviour and performance. They will learn how to take charge of their environment and architect their ways of working to ensure they balance the need for results and the quality of their work environment. 

The program can be tailored to highlight specific themes such as (but not limited to):

  • Employee Engagement
  • Communication
  • Change
  • Breaking Down Silos
  • Clarity of Roles and Objectives
  • Alignment to Strategy

Terra Nova is a scalable (20 - 500+ participants) 4-hour learning experience that can bring to life:

  • A team building session
  • A leadership/management development program
  • A leadership/management conference or offsite

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Customer Feedback

"This is the first workshop I’ve attended in a decade where I actually learned something new and different! I was stimulated and captivated by the content."

Philbin-Wilkinson, Program Dir.
Northeast Mental Health Centre