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The Juice Check

Employee Engagement Survey

The Juice Check is a validated survey instrument that helps you understand the motivations and drivers of engagement for your employees. The base survey explores five dimensions: Belonging, Security, Meaning, Freedom and Significance. Our research points to these drivers as being critical to enabling both the rational & emotional engagement of employees.

Juice Inc. has used the Juice Check for more than 10 years to inform senior leaders on their strategies to increase engagement levels across their organization.  We have surveyed over 50,000 employees in 14 different languages globally.  

The Juice Check provides people with a clear picture of the current reality with recommendations to improve results.

Service Offerings:

  • FREE Individual Juice Check
    You will receive a personalized report with information and resources that will guide you through your results.
  • Team Juice Check (coming soon!)
  • Organizational Juice Check
    Our flexible survey design also allows us to include custom questions that can explore additional elements such as culture and leadership effectiveness. 
  • Deep Dive Team Training
    Get to the back-story behind the data and draw out potential solutions.

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Open Workshop: Beyond Engagement March 5, 2020

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Customer Feedback

"Trust me, it is possible to be engaged, but not energized. When our organization first surveyed our employee base of 1,300 using Juice Inc.'s Energy Check tool, we found they set world-class scores in engagement...but were also exhausted in their jobs, compromising their performance levels and productivity. By implementing Juice's Energy Check tool into our organizational culture, our leaders learned the skills to effectively identify what was depleting our employees' energy - and what was needed to reinvigorate them in their jobs. Our organization is now full of energetic, innovative employees who are able to creatively problem-solve at a moment's notice!"

Bill Blacquiere, CEO
Bethany Christian Services