Organizational Engagement Survey

Organizational Juice Check

The Organizational Juice Check is a validated survey instrument that helps you understand the motivations and drivers of engagement for your employees. The base survey explores five dimensions: Belonging, Security, Meaning, Freedom and Significance. Our research over the past 10 years points to these drivers as being critical to enabling both the rational & emotional engagement of employees. 

Our flexible survey design also allows us to include custom questions that can explore additional elements such as culture and leadership effectiveness. The survey has also been designed to easily support people leaders in developing action plans directly from the survey data.

The Juice Check will help you identify:

  • Fit issues that interfere with optimum performance
  • Gaps in clarity of goals, objectives and expected outcomes
  • Opportunities for better, more effective communication
  • Key future-based metrics such as intent to leave
  • The key drivers of engagement within each department, division, or demographic group

Execution Process of the Juice Check Survey:

  • Step 1 - Discovery
  • Step 2 - Design
  • Step 3 - Execution & Reporting
  • Step 4 - Presentation of Results

Survey Follow-up: Action Planning & Deep Dive Activities:

  • Juice Inc. can help you and your leaders partner with employees to develop meaningful and relevant action plans to improve the employee experience. Our objective is to help leaders create an environment where employees play an equal role in their own engagement and energy at work.

Juice Inc. has used the Organizational Juice Check for the past 10 years to inform senior leaders on their strategies to increase engagement levels across their organization.  We have surveyed over 50,000 employees in 14 different languages globally. The Juice Check provides leaders with a clear picture of the current reality with recommendations to improve results.

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"When they feel supported, they are are initiating, and that is saving me time."

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"Brady Wilson presented to my MacKay CEO Forum groups on the topic of Beyond Engagement:  How employee energy (not engagement) fuels innovation, performance and the customer experience.  Brady's presentation was well received from my Forum members, many of whom commented on the practical take-aways from the session.

He is energetic, a strong story teller and effective at making connections with the audience and I would (and often do!) recommend him for anyone looking for a dynamic speaker on this topic."

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