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Innovation Training

Is innovation a strategic priority for your organization?

Organizations are telling us:

  • "We’re expected to demonstrate innovation, but we don’t know how to do it, or to deliver on that expectation."
  • "We’ve confused problem solving with innovation."
  • "Our brainstorming efforts are not creating the value our business needs."

The business impact

Most business leaders understand the value of innovation. But they don’t know how to be innovative.

Bringing together teams of employees to brainstorm the “next big thing” often prove unfruitful. Why? Because, without a structured process to guide teams in their efforts to be innovative, ideas don’t usually get to the implementation stage.

About the Innovation in a Box training program

It is possible to build an organizational culture brimming with innovation. No “dream teams” required.

Innovation in a Box is a program and suite of tools, designed to help your business not only initiate but implement and sustain your innovation project.

Learning outcomes

Using the Juice i5 process, participants will be able to confidently and successfully:

  • Identify needs, problems and opportunities for innovation
  • Understand context, from big picture to root cause
  • Generate, strengthen and elaborate on ideas

    Innovation in a Box i5 Process

  • Evaluate and prioritize ideas based on impact
  • Create, test and deliver on a plan

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Program Introduction

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Case Studies

Customer Feedback

"I really like these tools and the approach...they are well researched, well presented and easy to use, you can't get much better than that!"

Larry Ferguson, III, CPM
Florida Department of Transportation

"I love the fact that we are seeing such positive results from our short time with Juice so far and this is only the beginning.”

Michael McCourt, President
D&D Automation

“It’s taking hold. I love that people are pursuing their own ideas.”

Michael McCourt, President
D&D Automation