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Innovation Training

Just add people.

Innovation in a Box™ creates a culture of innovation by enabling people to be successful on real opportunities, in real time.  


Your people know why innovation is important, but they’re frustrated. Brainstorming efforts are hit or miss, and too often solutions don’t get to the implementation stage.

And when you’ve attempted to provide training, you discover that for most teams and most challenges, these innovation approaches are either too theoretical, too complicated, or too time-intensive to be practical.

It’s frustrating, because these teams seem to have the knowledge, experience, and motivation they need. What they lack is a concrete methodology to guide them.


Innovation in a Box™ equips participants with the practical knowledge, tools, and skills they need to generate breakthrough solutions. We put a carefully curated toolkit into the hands of your people, which they can use immediately to solve problems large and small.   Innovation in a Box practitioners are able to:

  • Diagnose challenges
  • Generate and choose the right ideas
  • Implement solutions


Working closely with our clients, we’ve researched, developed, and field-tested the Innovation in a Box toolkit - a set of 15 tools which can be mixed and matched to tackle virtually any innovation challenge. It's simple, robust, and effective.

We equip individuals and teams to use the tools by having them tackle their own current innovation challenges - our classrooms are actually working sessions. Users learn by getting real work done.

This approach builds competence and confidence, and as participants use the tools to work on their own real-world challenges rather than case-studies, it also builds commitment.

And because practice really does make perfect, the classroom training is further reinforced by e-learning and a digital toolkit.

"The Innovation In A Box (i5) process provides practical tools which are easy to understand and easy to use... successfully creating a culture of innovation."


  • 1-Day Solo Innovation Practitioner Training
    (Basic Innovation Tools)
  • 2-Day Innovation Practitioner Training
    (Enhanced Tools and Increased Application) 
  • 3-Day Advanced Innovation Practitioner Training
    (For Internal Innovation Coaches)
  • Innovation In A Box Train The Trainer
    (1-Day Add-on)
  • Customized Innovation Working Sessions

Plus, interactive keynotes for your staff or leadership development forums delivered by our Innovation Practice Leader and designer of Innovation In A Box, Rick Boersma.


Number of participants: 1 to 300+

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Customer Feedback

"I love the fact that we are seeing such positive results from our short time with Juice so far and this is only the beginning.”

Michael McCourt, President
D&D Automation

“Nothing but positive. The i5 innovation process is part of everyone’s conversations. I hear the team saying “Let’s i5 it!”

Tara Kirkby, VP
D&D Automation