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Innovation Training

Just add people.

It’s tough for “real teams” to think outside the box— especially amid the competing pressures of their everyday lives. Tough, but completely possible. 

In fact, studies show that an “average” group using a structured innovation process will produce up to 500% more ideas than a so-called “creative” group that uses traditional brainstorming methods. That’s where Juice’s Innovation In A Box training program comes in.

The i5 process will change the way you approach innovation.

Innovation In A Box is an easy to use innovation approach that equips everyday people and teams with a structured process and practical tools to tackle their pressing challenges and deliver value-adding ideas.

Innovation is serious business​

For the past 10 years, our clients have chosen Innovation In A Box Training and Working Sessions because we focus on two key objectives:

  • REAL WORK: We believe that moving real work forward creates the fuel needed for people to engage in innovation beyond the workshop. That is why we always aim to work with challenges and opportunities that are real, relevant and meaningful to the people attending our workshops.
  • WE BUILD COMPETENCE & CONFIDENCE: Our experiential learning design will have people rolling up their sleeves and applying tools on the fly, providing participants with immediate positive experiences and inspiring them to use the tools beyond the workshop.

"The Innovation In A Box (i5) process provides practical tools which are easy to understand and easy to use... successfully creating a culture of innovation."

Service Offerings:

  • 1-Day Solo Innovation Practitioner Training
    (Basic Innovation Tools)
  • 2-Day Innovation Practitioner Training
    (Enhanced Tools and Increased Application) 
  • 3-Day Advanced Innovation Practitioner Training
    (For Internal Innovation Coaches)
  • Innovation In A Box Train The Trainer
    (1-Day Add-on)
  • Customized Innovation Working Sessions

Plus, interactive keynotes for your staff or leadership development forums delivered by our Innovation Practice Leader and designer of Innovation In A Box, Rick Boersma.

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Customer Feedback

"I love the fact that we are seeing such positive results from our short time with Juice so far and this is only the beginning.”

Michael McCourt, President
D&D Automation

“It’s taking hold. I love that people are pursuing their own ideas.”

Michael McCourt, President
D&D Automation