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Innovation in a Box

Just add people.


Organizations across the globe are looking to leverage innovation as a capability to create current and future value. And, leaders are challenged to break down the current ways of thinking and engage their people in thinking outside the box. That's why we created Innovation in a Box™ - an approach that equips your people with a structured process and practical tools they need to generate breakthrough solutions to your everyday challenges.

Over the past 10 years, we've carefully curated the best tools to enable 5 stages of innovation - the i5 Process. These tools will help your people:

  • Get clear on the opportunity they're working on
  • Understand the challenge/opportunity deeply
  • Brainstorm effectively
  • Decide on the best ideas to move forward
  • Prepare prototypes, experiments and a strategic game plan to make their idea real

Innovation in a Box™ will equip your people with the process and tools to enable your innovation strategy. We'll engage your people in learning the Innovation in a Box™approach while working on real, meaningful and relevant challenges ensuring the time you invest delivers immediate value.

Service Offerings:

  • 1-Day Solo Innovation Practitioner Training
    (Basic Innovation Tools)
  • 2-Day Innovation Practitioner Training
    (Enhanced Tools and Increased Application) 
  • 3-Day Advanced Innovation Practitioner Training
    (For Internal Innovation Coaches)
  • Innovation In A Box Train The Trainer (Advanced Practitioner)
  • Customized Innovation Working Sessions

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Customer Feedback

"I have high praise for Rick Boersma as an energetic, engaging facilitator whose Innovation in a Box (i5) process provides practical tools which are easy to understand and easy to use. Innovation in a Box is one of the few programs I have seen that “has legs”. The tools we learned continue to be used widely throughout the organization to evaluate innovative ways to deal with strategic issues as well as other problems and opportunities that arise, successfully creating a culture of innovation."

Christina Porter, Business Unit Director
EMD Serono