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Countdown to Accountability

The ability of your organization to generate sustainable results is enabled by your team’s ability to align roles, goals, and tactics in order to deliver great products and experiences to your clients. In Enterprise, six teams, accountable for different parts of the Enterprise Spacecraft, race against the clock in a competition to construct spacecraft on time, on budget and to 100% quality standards - as promised to their client. Enterprise will engage your team in exploring and overcoming these challenges by creating an environment where people can count on each other to make and keep commitments - an environment driven by accountability. To succeed, your team must align their roles, goals, and activities. In Enterprise, failure is not an option.

Enterprise was designed to help teams explore the topics of:

  • Alignment
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Execution
  • Process Improvement + Innovation

Enterprise is a scalable (10 - 500+ participants) learning experience that takes 2 to 3 hours and can bring to life:

  • A team building session
  • A leadership/management development program
  • A leadership/management conference or offsite

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Customer Feedback

"It's true that there is a 'Great Energy' that comes from Juice!  Juice inc. is a unique, refreshing, dynamic team of individuals to work with.  They truly epitomize their philosophy of helping to create energy in all that they do – a 'buttoned-down' style of professionals who deliver results and consistently engage their audiences!"

Kelly Daly, Events Director
HRPA Grand Valley Chapter