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Beyond Engagement

Energized Employees Get Better Results!


After years of focusing on engagement, organizations are finding their people in a state of being overwhelmed and depleted. At Juice, we are obsessed with energy - we believe that every employee deserves to have energy left over at the end of the day – energy for themselves, their partners, their kids, and their communities. We believe that energized employees fuel great customer experiences and better business results. 

Based on the book Beyond Engagement, this interactive engagement training will equip leaders and teams with the knowledge, skills and tools that are critical to partnering with people to remove interference and optimize energy by understanding and tapping into what matters most to their people. 

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Open Workshop: Beyond Engagement October 24, 2019

25 Waterloo Avenue, Guelph, ON

Customer Feedback

"Trust me, it is possible to be engaged, but not energized. When our organization first surveyed our employee base of 1,300 using Juice Inc.'s Energy Check tool, we found they set world-class scores in engagement...but were also exhausted in their jobs, compromising their performance levels and productivity. By implementing Juice's Energy Check tool into our organizational culture, our leaders learned the skills to effectively identify what was depleting our employees' energy - and what was needed to reinvigorate them in their jobs. Our organization is now full of energetic, innovative employees who are able to creatively problem-solve at a moment's notice!"

Bill Blacquiere, CEO
Bethany Christian Services