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Engagement Training

How’s your employee engagement?

Organizations are telling us:

  • "We have employees who are engaged—but at the end of the work day, they’re completely exhausted.”
  • “Our managers are tasked with ‘engaging’ their employees, but they don’t know how to do it properly. Some managers are even making engagement worse.”
  • “We’ve invested in training, surveys and action planning to improve engagement, but the issues just aren’t being resolved. Our employees are cynical about everything related to engagement.”
  • “Our employee engagement survey scores have stalled or are declining.”

The business impact

Despite being engaged, employees can’t do their best work. They’re overworked and exhausted. They barely have enough energy left for their personal lives.

Meanwhile, managers are responsible for improving employee engagement. But most of them lack the tools and know-how. So they micro-manage—worsening the situation.

At the same time, organizations ritually invest in measuring engagement and action planning. But often, there’s no time to effect real change before the next employee survey begins.

No wonder more and more employees are beginning to see employee engagement efforts as a con game.

What is Beyond Engagement?

Beyond Engagement Manager's Toolkit

The Beyond Engagement training program helps organizations learn how to create an environment that is very highly engaged. How? By providing tools and 

resources to help leaders shift from managing employee engagement to releasing and optimizing sustainable employee energy.

Leaders learn to tap into the fuel—energy—that drives sustainable results by:

  • deploying peoples’ strengths,
  • fueling innovation, and
  • prompting initiation and execution.

Our obsession with energy goes even deeper. We believe that every employee deserves to have energy left over at the end of the day – energy for themselves, their partners, their kids, and their communities. And our work with organizations over the past 20 years has revealed the biggest obstacle to energized workplaces: how leaders think about engagement.

Learning Outcomes

Beyond Engagement equips leaders to shift their behaviours from engagement to Beyond Engagement.

From... To...
Managing engagement Managing Energy
Relying on annual surveys Relying on frequent energy checks
Releasing tension by demanding/complying   Releasing tension by harmonizing
Managing by parenting Managing by partnering
Focusing on organizational needs Focusing on individual needs
Adding knowledge Removing interference
Offering declared support Offering felt support
Tapping into rational engagement Tapping into emotional engagement    
Requesting more effort Releasing more innovation
Organizing activity Orchestrating integration


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Customer Feedback

“This is living longer than any other (program).”

Director, National Programs, Large Retail Chain

“Sales go up, [and] interactions are more meaningful....It’s been a very beneficial relationship for Bayer....we continue to learn new things from Juice every time they work with our organization.” 

Bayer Healthcare, Animal Health

“… the Juice Check is 3-dimensional…has actionable items… other surveys gave us a compass, the Juice Check is like Mapquest.”  

Michael Ebaugh, Director of Corporate Learning and Development
Botsford Hospital