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Engagement Training

Energized Employees Get Better Results!

We think organizations are a bit like Smartphones; when they’re fully juiced, productivity is uninterrupted – when they run out of juice, some of the most important calls don’t get made and some of the most important messages don’t get sent. That’s why we at Juice Inc. are so focused on energy - we know that energized employees fuel great customer experiences and better business results.

Our obsession with energy goes even deeper. We believe that every employee deserves to have energy left over at the end of the day – energy for themselves, their partners, their kids, and their communities.

And our work with organizations over the past 20 years has revealed the biggest obstacle to energized workplaces: how leaders think about engagement.  Leaders who leverage the science of energy will unlock their people’s potential and fuel great customer experiences, innovative ideas and deliver great business results.  

Based on the book Beyond Engagement, this interactive engagement training will equip leaders and teams with the knowledge, skills and tools that are critical to partnering with people to remove interference and optimize energy by understanding and tapping into what matters most to their people. Click here for more information on Beyond Engagement.  

“If we get the employee experience right, the employees take care of our customers, which in turn will improve our results.”

Service Offerings:

  • Beyond Engagement Manager’s Toolkit
    (purchase and use with up to 12 of your employees)

  • Customized Leadership Team Working Sessions
    (designed to meet your specific objectives)

  • Half-Day Customized Beyond Engagement Training
    (for intact work teams)

  • One-Day Customized Beyond Engagement Training 
    (at your company or at one of our public training days)

Plus, high impact and inspiring keynotes for your staff or leadership development forums delivered by the founder of Juice Inc., Brady Wilson

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Customer Feedback

"We need to demonstrate to our employees that we care, that they matter, that their hearts and souls are our only real competitive advantage.  Juice is showing us how to make this a daily reality."  

Greg Honey, Senior Vice-President
Farm Credit Canada

"Brady Wilson presented to my MacKay CEO Forum groups on the topic of Beyond Engagement:  How employee energy (not engagement) fuels innovation, performance and the customer experience.  Brady's presentation was well received from my Forum members, many of whom commented on the practical take-aways from the session.

He is energetic, a strong story teller and effective at making connections with the audience and I would (and often do!) recommend him for anyone looking for a dynamic speaker on this topic."

Anne Bermingham
Forum Chair, MacKay CEO Forums