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Conversation Training

Deepen Relationships. Unlock People’s Brilliance. Get Results.

Every conversation matters.

At the root of every successful organization, is a successful operating system; one that powers the value creating applications critical to the success of your people like coaching, feedback, problem-solving, innovation, customer service and sales (to name a few). Effective conversation is a core operating system that fuels great employee and customer experiences. It helps leaders achieve great business results.

Based on the book Juice – The Power of Conversation, this interactive training program combines experiential learning with real-world application to guide leaders and teams through a process of discovering the skills needed to make every conversation matter. Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to practice the conversations that really matter to them and their team using the tools they learn - conversations that can transform them as leaders and impact your business.

“We need to demonstrate to our employees that we care, that they matter, that their hearts and souls are our only real competitive advantage. Juice is showing us how to make this a daily reality.”

Service Offerings:

  • One-Day Customized Power of Conversation Training 
    (at your company or at one of our public training days)

  • Two-Day Customized Power of Conversation Training

  • Customized Leadership Team Working Sessions
    (from 90 mins to a half day)

Plus, high impact and inspiring keynotes for your staff or leadership forums delivered by the founder of Juice Inc., Brady Wilson.

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Customer Feedback

“ As a Senior Manager for many years I have attended many ‘management training’ programs. I found the Juice training very helpful in validating what I already knew, putting language to intuitive practice and teaching me some new skills. Of particular benefit was the “Power of Conversation”. This wonderful resource book has been used by me and my team many times since I received it. I appreciate the concepts outlined in the book and use them in my work all the time. It has become a natural way for me to have conversations, maintain team cohesion and releasing staff’s brilliance. Thank you for the “Juicing” experience.”

Joanne Jones
Central East CCAC

“Juice improves employee engagement – one conversation at a time.”

Senior Director, Healthcare Organization