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Conversation Training

How do people communicate with each other in your workplace?

Organizations are telling us:

  • “Our leaders only use conversation training for the episodic and critical moments—and since they don’t use those skills regularly, the outcome is almost always negative.”
  • “Managers continue to put off difficult conversations to deal with underperformers. As a result, our highest performers are overloaded, overwhelmed and exhausted.”
  • “Leaders are spending a lot of time putting out fires and repairing relationships because of miscommunication and misunderstandings.”
  • “Our managers don’t have the emotional intelligence to effectively lead others.”

The business impact

Every conversation matters.

But when conversational skills are relegated to the eposodic, organizations find that:

  • Underperformers are not dealt with;
  • Over-performers consistently feel overloaded and overwhelmed; and
  • It becomes nearly impossible for leaders to manage competing agendas, priorities and needs between employees and customers.

About the Power of Conversation

The Power of Conversation training program is built on one main belief: that conversation is the operating system that drives all applications (feedback, recognition, problem solving, influence and coaching) in the organization.

Every conversation matters—and we provide conversation skills and tools to help leaders (at all levels in an organization) and employees create those relationships, unlock results, and release people’s brilliance.

The Power of Conversation training program is based on our book, Juice—The Power of Conversation.

Learning outcomes

The Power of Conversation training program teaches individuals to flex their natural communication style to:

  • Connect with and engage others in ways that meet the needs of any situation
  • Skillfully step into everyday conversations to maximize their influence with others
  • Navigate through tension-filled moments with proven emotional intelligence skills

In return, employees and leaders effectively connect through every conversation, produce stronger relationships, better outcomes—and a more productive, engaged workforce.

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Case Studies

Customer Feedback

“Concepts are simple, understandable, not mystical, magical stuff.” 

Senior Director, HR & OD, Healthcare Organization

“I think the greatest impact Juice has made in our workplace is teaching us how to have really healthy dialogue....The quality of the kind of conversations we’re having leads to better strategies, better integration, better liaising with my staff...and then we raise more money.” 


“Juice = Everyday conversations that add up over time.”

Director, National Programs, Large Retail Chain