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Conference Solutions & Keynotes

Does your organization need some Juice?

Our keynote presentations and learning simulations have helped kick-start transformative change in organizations all across North America.

Get refreshed: hire Juice for your next event!


Learn to create a higher performing organization pulsating with motivated, passionate, innovative employees who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty!

Our keynote presentations inspire senior leaders with refreshing ideas and practical skills they can put to use immediately.

In return, your organization gets more energized leaders that not only create amazing results...but own them! 

If this sounds like your organization...

Consider the following keynote:

“We don’t know how to deal with all the organizational tension between individuals, teams and departments.”

Treasure In the Tension
Love At Work

“Our employees are exhausted. They’re not doing their best work. Our employee engagement efforts aren’t solving the problem.”

Beyond Engagement
Love At Work

“We need our employees to be more innovative. But we don’t know how to get the ball rolling.”

Innovation In A Box

Learning Simulations (for leaders & employees):

Want to teach employees the importance of team alignment, accountability, effective conversation and strategic thinking?

Juice Inc. learning simulations are fun, interactive and hands-on activities that:

  • immerse participants in real experiences that generate real emotions and dialogue;
  • get groups talking about challenges they face at work;
  • give participants the knowledge and tools they need to craft solutions; and
  • include multiple debriefs.

If this sounds like your organization...

Consider the following learning simulation:

“When different teams or departments work together, we see issues with communication, accountability and alignment.”

Terra Nova

“Our employees don’t really ‘get’ how their individual, team and department contributions are seen by the customer...or how their work affects our bottom line.”

The Big Picture

“Our employees have trouble taking charge and accepting accountability for their decisions, environment and results.”


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Customer Feedback

“Juice continues to impress us with their ground-breaking work in the areas of innovation, leadership, and employee engagement – helping to transform the organizations they work with. Municipal World is excited to now be partnering with Juice to build a body of research and best practices specific to local government that we anticipate will be of great benefit to municipal organizations across Canada.”

Susan Gardner,
VP, Operations, Municipal World Inc.

"It's true that there is a 'Great Energy' that comes from Juice!  Juice inc. is a unique, refreshing, dynamic team of individuals to work with.  They truly epitomize their philosophy of helping to create energy in all that they do – a 'buttoned-down' style of professionals who deliver results and consistently engage their audiences!"

Kelly Daly, Events Director
HRPA Grand Valley Chapter

Brady delivered a captivating keynote with humour, thought-provoking and relevant anecdotes that deeply touched the audience.

Kelly Daly, Events Director
HRPA Grand Valley Chapter