Beyond Engagement Manager's Toolkit

  • Despite being engaged, employees can’t do their best work. They’re overworked and exhausted. They barely have enough energy left for their personal lives.  Meanwhile, managers are responsible for improving employee engagement, but many lack the tools and know-how.  The Beyond Engagement Toolkit equips people leaders with the tools and guidance needed to make a positive impact on their team's energy and engagement levels!

The Beyond Engagement Toolkit is intended for people Leaders who are looking to create the conditions for an energized workplace that enables accountability, innovation, productivity and high engagement. 

The Beyond Engagement Manager's Toolkit (as a stand-alone option) is most successful for people leaders who:

  • Are self-directed learners
  • Have a modest to high level of trust with their employees

What's included:

  • A self-facilitated team building exercise called Oxygen Poker that builds self and team awareness around what matters most
  • Resources to complete the One on One Energy Check and the Team Energy Check
  • Access to online resources and instructions including:
    • An Animated Video that Introduces your team to the process in a transparent way
    • An eCopy of the book Beyond Engagement- A Brain-Based Approach That Blends the Engagement Managers Want with the Energy Employees Needby Brady Wilson
    • Beyond Engagement Implementation Guide with a "getting started section" that provides a step by step implementation plan, frequently asked questions, forms and a spot to track your progress.
    • Instructional videos
    • Unlimited PDF form downloads and instructions.
  • A 60-minute implementation support call (or web meeting) that provides:
    • Quickstart recommendations
    • Coaching on specific team situations and best practices
    • Answers to your implementation questions

Purchase the Beyond Engagement Toolkit and energize your employees!

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"Brady is an excellent presenter/speaker and I loved his stories.  I was choked up a couple of times.  He is very inspiring."

Senior Leader
Mutual Insurance Company