Deep Dive Team Training

Imagine this, your organization has completed a survey and have taken next steps to fix the issues. One such issue is people not getting the recognition they feel they deserve. Your team sets out to solve this, meeting with vendors, digging through best practices and landing on a recognition strategy, process and even a system to make it easier for people to recognize others. The implementation was successful and people are beginning to use it, and so you are shocked when the results of the next survey show no improvement on the recognition scores!

It’s possible to interpret survey data and come up with strategies that completely miss the point from the employees’ perspective. We want to avoid that, and help the management team create strategies that will completely hit the mark, and to also encourage a partnering approach rather than a snr team led parenting “fix”. The goal is to get to the back-story behind the data and draw out potential solutions.

You might ask, why an internal deep dive process vs. hiring a 3rd party consultant or having our HR department do focus groups?  Here's why: 

  • Extends the influence of HR and the Engagement initiative to the front line
  • Teaches your team/selected group vs outsourcing - the information and solutions are coming from within
  • Developing bench-strength for sustainability
  • Focus on getting the back story of the results and insight on the solutions that would work for the organization (saves time, money and frustration) 

How is this different than a regular focus group or interview process?

Your team is skilled up to own the process, they will learn how to draw out the best thinking, synthesize the material into themes and present the data to the senior team in a way that honors the voice of the organization and can be heard by the senior team to be a catalyst for effective actions. 


  • Typical timeframe: Requires approx 6-8 weeks

  • Size of group: 6-15 depending on size of organization and scope of data collected

  • What level in organization: Typically there is 1-2 sponsors from HR/Senior Team. The deep dive team consists of employees across the organization, could also contain some front/mid managers 

We want to support your employee engagement training using our Deep Dive Process! Contact us to learn more.

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Open Workshop: Beyond Engagement March 5, 2020

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Customer Feedback

“[The] Beyond Engagement [program] gave us the tools and skills to help us describe how we feel about things—particularly things getting in the way of our energy levels and engagement....Before, we didn’t know how to put this stuff into words. Beyond Engagement has given us that language.” 

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