Oxygen Poker

There are driving needs that are so vital and urgent to people that they feel like our need for oxygen. 

When these needs are met, they generate the kind of energy that produces high performance, innovation and engagement. When these same needs go unmet, depletion and interference are introduced. This constricts the executive function of the brain, the area responsible for focusing attention, regulating emotions, connecting the dots and making smart decisions. These capabilities are the power-tools of value-creation and innovation But the impact of these unmet needs goes even deeper. They trigger the kinds of negative behaviours that corrode culture and tarnish the customer experience.

Oxygen Poker is a 45-90 minute team exercise that is fun and insightful. It helps you engage individuals or your team in a conversation about the Five Driving Needs and their impact. 

Participants will:

  • Understand what the Five Driving Needs are and the impact they have in the workplace
  • Identify the need that is most important to them and the negative behaviours they exhibit when the need is not met
  • Have insight into how unmet needs show up on the team and discuss how they can create an environment that allows for needs to be met skillfully 


Number of participants: 2 to 500+
Time required: 45 - 90 minutes

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Customer Feedback

Brady delivered a captivating keynote with humour, thought-provoking and relevant anecdotes that deeply touched the audience.

Kelly Daly, Events Director
HRPA Grand Valley Chapter

"You are the best facilitator we've ever had (and we've had many!). You took the time to understand our business, and that makes you different."

Sam Mercante, CEO