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Countdown to Accountability

In today’s world, the only constant is change. Promises made yesterday must be delivered today; targets move, yet organizations are still accountable for the execution of goals and objectives.

Enterprise will engage, build knowledge and commitment, and prepare your team to execute brilliantly as they build a Culture of Accountability: a working environment where people can count on each other to make and keep commitments.


In Enterprise, teams race against the clock in  a competition to construct a spacecraft on time and on budget, as promised. To succeed, they must coach for performance, aligning goals and activities to achieve individual and team accountability.


Designed around multiple debriefs, the simulation gives participants opportunities to stop and evaluate their behaviour and performance. They learn how to take charge and accept responsibility for their decisions, environment, and results.


Enterprise is introduced with a brief film clip which immediately engages participants and highlights that although we may face change, crisis, and challenging times, we are still accountable for meeting our goals. It provides a springboard to discuss the leadership characteristics necessary for ensuring accountability.

As the simulation unfolds participants no longer have the luxury of observing the situation from a theoretical perspective. They become employees of Enterprise Inc. with responsibility for the organization’s results.

Enterprise is fast-paced and forces participants to execute the recommendations they identified during the film. Mirroring the real world, they find that delivering on promises to internal and external customers is more difficult in practice then theory. Through three 6-minute rounds of play, participants will make connections between accountability, execution, and results as they seek to improve the company’s culture and performance.

This experience can be further customized to drive your organization’s values, competencies, and messages.


Number of participants: 10 to 500+
Time required: 2 to 3 hours

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Customer Feedback

"You are the best facilitator we've ever had (and we've had many!). You took the time to understand our business, and that makes you different."

Sam Mercante, CEO

Brady delivered a captivating keynote with humour, thought-provoking and relevant anecdotes that deeply touched the audience.

Kelly Daly, Events Director
HRPA Grand Valley Chapter