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  • Bloomberg Radio in New York, NY
  • WCFO in Atlanta, GA
  • WFSK in Nashville, TN
  • IntrepidNOW in Atlanta, GA: Why it is better to manage employee energy, not engagement
  • CMS Wire (National)
  • CJAD in Montreal, QC: Get The Most Out of Employees with Brady Wilson
  • CKNW in Vancouver, BC
  • The Big Pitch Radio Show
  • WFSK in Nashville, TN
  • WVBG in Vicksburg, MS
  • WLEE in Richmond, VA
  • WTMJ in Milwaukee, WI
  • WLFN in Onalaska, WI
  • CFFR in Calgary, AB
  • Global Radio Talk Show in La Jolla, CA
  • WFSK in Nashville, TN
  • CJOB Winnipeg, MB
  • Ocean 98, The Rude Awakening Show
  • KGO Radio
  • Sirius XM Radio, Canada Talks
  • Knowledge@Wharton SiriusXM Channel 111
  • WNPV Landsdale, PA
  • 105.9 Delaware, Lewes, DE

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  • Interview with The Morning Show, Global Television in Toronto, ON

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Reviews on Brady's book, Beyond Engagement:

"An abundance of books have been written on the motivation staff in the workplace. The book “Beyond Engagement: A Brain-Based Approach That Blends the Engagement Managers Want with the Energy Employees Need” seeks to take the process of motivation and engagement to a higher level."

"Readers can grasp the essence of the ten ideas simply by reading the 'What'-- what's the brain science?, 'How' -- how does this show up at work?, and 'Why' -- why does it matter? sections at the beginning of each chapter."

“I like Wilson’s vision...His reliance on actual science, rather than abstract algorithms, makes a refreshing change from other consultancy handbooks. His use of relevant examples from his own portfolio gives his prose an active, personal edge.”

“The book was a great read that provides any manager great tips and tools to help better align themselves with their people and the goals that they wish to accomplish.”

"This book was an amazing read...Even if you are not a manager you will benefit from reading the book and applying the lessons to your own work and life. If you are a manager you can help take good teams and make them great. If you already have that great team this book will help you sustain their level of commitment. So pick it up and give it a try you will not be disappointed!”

"This book impressed me on two counts before I even opened the front cover.  Firstly, I was highly intrigued by "a brain-based approach" to employee engagment - because why not!"



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