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Webinar (On Demand): Energize Your Holidays

Webinar (On Demand): Energize Your Holidays

Making memories, not meltdowns! 

Employees work hard! Many are overworked and exhausted. They look forward to coveted vacation time, yet by the time it comes around, they are often too exhausted and depleted to fully enjoy it. During vacations, families end up having kids meltdown, tension with extended family members and frustration between partners. With so many competing needs, the vacation ends up being depleting rather than energizing and rejuvenating.

Join us as we unpack what is causing the depletion and how to come back from vacation feeling energized and refreshed. The key lies in energy!

Webinar attendees will:

1. Gain valuable insights on why they are depleted.
2. Obtain strategies to deal with competing needs during vacation time.
3. Discover new tools for turning their precious vacation time into a rejuvenating, energizing experience for everyone.

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"The whole experience exceeded my expectations.  It left me wanting more! Thank you!"


About the Speakers

Cheryl Haskett

Cheryl Haskett

Facilitator. Keynote speaker. Instructional designer.

For more than a decade, Cheryl Haskett has helped countless clients establish business-boosting connections between employees and senior managers, across entire organizations, and within individuals themselves.