Open Workshop: Innovation Advanced Practitioner Training

Open Workshop: Innovation Practitioner Training June 15 - 18, 2020

Join us for Innovation Training!

The innovation challenge...most organizations have a mandate to “be more innovative”—but they don’t know how to do it.  

Making innovation even more challenging:

Senior leaders and employees don’t consider themselves creative or able to “think outside the box.”
Bringing together employees to haphazardly brainstorm around problems and the “next big thing” often prove unfruitful—because ideas rarely get to the implementation stage.

That’s where Innovation in a Box comes in.

Structure in innovation—for results

It is possible to build an organizational culture brimming with innovation. No “dream teams” or so-called creative minds required!

Innovation in a Box is a program, process and suite of tools, designed to help your business not only initiate but implement and sustain your innovation initiatives.

In fact: research shows that a so-called “normal” team can come up with 500% more useful ideas when utilizing a structured process to guide their innovation efforts.

Who should attend:

Individuals or teams tasked with leading and executing on innovation strategy
Internal OD/HR/Trainers tasked to grow “innovation competency” across employees, managers and leaders

Here's what leaders are saying about the Innovation in a Box training program...

"Innovation in a Box (i5) process provides practical tools which are easy to understand and easy to use."

“The i5 process is changing how people are working and thinking."

"The tools we learned continue to be used widely throughout the organization to evaluate innovative ways to deal with strategic issues as well as other problems and opportunities that arise, successfully creating a culture of innovation."

Event Details

Date: June 15-18, 2020

Location: Juice Inc., 25 Waterloo Ave., Guelph, ON N1H 3H4

Meeting Room: Juice Classroom

8:30 - 9:00: Registration, Networking & Continental Breakfast
9:00-Noon: Innovation Training
Noon-1:00: Networking & Complimentary Lunch
1:00-5:00: Innovation Training
(Breaks at 10:30 & 2:30)

Cost & Registration: 
For complete cost details and registrations, please contact Erin Humphrey at or 888-822-5479.

$2995.00 / person Register For This Event

About the Speakers

Rick Boersma

Rick Boersma

A creative thinker, risk-taker and leader by nature, Rick Boersma epitomizes what it means to be innovative.