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Learn to create a higher performing organization pulsating with motivated, passionate, innovative employees who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty!  Brady's keynote presentations inspire senior leaders with refreshing ideas and practical skills they can put to use immediately.

"Brady Wilson is a true professional. You can really see and hear his passion for workplace behaviors in his presentation and when speaking to him one-on-one. The audience was captured by his enthusiastic and witty presentation on increasing employee productivity by going Beyond Engagement. Brady is well spoken, meticulous and very engaging. I would highly recommend him for other speaking engagements among professionals, executive leaders, and general audiences." Zlata Gurevich,  Marketing Specialist, ADP Canada

Beyond Engagement

A brain-based approach that blends the engagement manager’s want, with the energy employees need.

Brady will explain revolutionary brain science principles to help leaders shift their strategies and unlock results.  He will also share a gripping story centered around the Boston Marathon bombing and the powerful life-lesson it offered.

Participants will learn:

  • Leadership principles to manage energy not engagement
  • The brain science behind managing energy
  • Real-life examples of successful engagement initiatives using brain science
  • Tips to immediately “Make It Work”

Participant Feedback:
"Great energy – good story teller."

"What matters most – how to engage client to positive result – 
it’s energy not effort that unlocks performance."

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Treasure in the Tension

Tension in the workplace? What if you could harness that tension into something positive for your business?

Brady knows how to turn the tables on organizational tension and find the treasure at its core.

In this dynamic and compelling presentation, Brady shows senior leaders how to:

  • Identify the business tensions that get in the way of results, relationships and commitments.
  • Stand in the middle of the tension, harmonize competing needs, and draw out solutions that serve the employee experience and global needs of the business.
  • Energize people to fuel innovative solutions, high engagement, and great results!

​Participant Feedback:
"Very useful information – communication is key."

"Inspirational – very useful presentation."

"Great energy!"

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Love At Work

What drives employee performance more: intellect or feelings?

Research shows employees give businesses 400% more effort if triggered by emotional engagement, than if engaged only on a rational level.

In this compelling presentation, Brady will:

  • Explain the difference between rational and emotional engagement.
  • Share real-life examples of how emotional engagement leads to improved business results.
  • Show how leaders can tap into the deeper needs of employees’ hearts, in addition to their heads, in a way that fosters their very best work.

​Participant Feedback:
"Extremely professional and engaging!!!"

"Good ability to get to the point.  Nice theory."

"Very motivating."         

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