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Are you in this kind of business limbo?

You want to get more out of your people and your systems, but:

  • there is no way to make your business processes any more efficient than they are now;
  • you can’t reduce your workforce any further than you already have; and
  • you can’t afford to hire more employees.

Common sense dictates that if business processes are more efficient, this will make employees’ jobs less taxing.

But reality tells us otherwise.

The new cost of business efficiencies: employee exhaustion

Organizations that have implemented modern efficiencies have certainly made some inroads to remove interference from business processes.

But business processes can only do so much.

Meanwhile, as we optimize processes, we reduce headcount. This lowers cost even further, but the human resources working within these optimized systems can only handle so much themselves.

So now we have employees who are engaged and working as hard as they can—but they’re exhausted.

That’s been the new cost of business efficiencies today. And this is bad for business because:

Essentially, you’ve squeezed everything you can out of your processes and your people.

So now what?

What can you do to remain competitive and continue creating value for your customers?

Innovative energy

The word “innovation” is on everyone’s tongues today. Gone are the days when simple process improvement (basically, doing the same thing—only “better”) will generate market value.

Now, we’re also starting to hear more and more about “innovative energy.”

Energy and innovation are not only closely connected—they also feed off each other:

  • an energized workforce is a more innovative workforce; and
  • by seeing the fruits of innovation, employees become more energized and engaged.

Stop squeezing, get more “juice”

Future value creation and economic viability for today’s businesses are rooted in continuous innovation—not continuous improvement.

To innovate at all levels, organizations must create conditions whereby rank-and-file employees can innovate in their day-to-day work. 

Innovation is born out of tapping into the full capacity of the executive function of our brains. And that capacity comes from employees being fully energized and engaged in their work.

In other words: if you want to get more “juice” from your systems and employees, it’s incumbent on your organization to provide the energizing lived experience and innovation tools to support this new value creation.

Get more juice out of your business! Learn the 7 brain science principles to unleash innovative energy within your organization.

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