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Customer Service TrainingHow is it that - in this day and age - customer service continues to be so terrible?

As a consultant and consumer in an era where businesses must remain competitive to survive, I find it not only frustrating but perplexing as to why bad customer service still exists.

In this article, the author suggests 6 reasons to explain the “why” behind the problem.

I’d like to add one more reason.


Many companies are indeed aware of the true cost (reputational and financial) of bad customer service.

And they have made strides to improve the way their frontline staff handles customers.

But over and over again, I have seen things break down somewhere in-between the intentions of Head Office, and the actions of their customer service representatives.

The result: a continuous stream of frontline employees simply going through the motions of their job, never motivated to go above and beyond the call of duty.

That’s an employee engagement issue.

Customer service is not about pay

You may think that quality customer service is linked to pay: that people who earn lower wages are less motivated to do a good job.

But perhaps you’ve heard of a not-so-little company called Starbucks. 

Certainly, Starbucks employees aren’t scoring big bucks—but they sure are customer-centric.

I can’t think of a time I’ve gone into a corporate Starbucks and experienced the kind of disengagement and surly “I’m-just-putting-my-time-in-here” attitude I’ve seen in other fast food establishments.

No, an organization’s quality of customer service isn’t about pay: it’s about, as Starbucks has done successfully, ensuring its work culture appeals to its employees’ needs

Linking the customer to the employee experience

Through my 20+ years in corporate training, I’ve seen businesses get amazing results when they realize these three things:

In other words: great customer service comes from an organization’s willingness to invest in its employees.

That investment includes taking time to understand what drives employees, and making an ongoing effort to demonstrate that understanding.

In doing so, organizations can fuel great customer experiences—and, ultimately, better business results.

Learn the brain science that motivates employees to go above and beyond the call of duty: download Juice Inc.'s free white paper, The Engagement Paradox, today!

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