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This post is based on content from Brady Wilson's latest book, Beyond Engagement: A Brain-Based Approach That Blends the Engagement Managers Want with the Energy Employees Need.

Are you relying on annual surveys to get a sense of employee engagement?

If so, you’re not getting the entire picture.

Nor are you generating the kind of intel you need to motivate employees to do their very best work.

Here’s why: engagement and innovation stem from energy—and energy is generated through quality face-to-face conversation.

The brain science

High-performance, feel-good hormones flood your brain when you have meaningful, face-to-face conversations that demonstrate value, respect and care.

These hormones boost your brain’s processing power because they form an energy cocktail of connection, calm, concentration, creativity and curiosity: basically, Miracle-Gro for your brain!

Moreover, our brains’ emotional centers are electrochemical conduits through which we can transmit emotions to each other.

What does this mean? When people are put face-to-face for a quality conversation, human emotions can be affected and even regulated by others.

Where does this show up at work?

Conversation is not a typical go-to engagement technique in the business world.

Instead, business leaders rely on surveys, town halls, newsletters and departmental action plans to boost engagement levels.

But engagement is seldom improved using strategies like these—because they don’t allow for meaningful conversation.

Why does this matter?

Engagement concerns that are reported and talked about at survey time—but left unaddressed throughout the remainder of the year—tend to fester and simmer.

And then...

They turn into “crucial,” “fierce” or “difficult” conversations—conversations that are so calamity-based, they consume multiples of energy, time and mind-space from everyone in the organization.

There’s a much better way.

Juice data reveal that short, simple, systematic energy conversations—that is, one-on-one and with teams—increase engagement scores.

Not only that: these types of conversations catch issues before they become calamity-based, saving time (and a lot of headaches) in the process.

Shifting your reliance from surveys to energy conversations creates natural opportunities to unlock insight and possibility in your employees’ minds. This generates energy, which fuels a great customer experience—and great results.

How to make this work

Juice has identified seven brain science principles that can help leaders shift their engagement strategies, unlock results, and experience the benefits that come with true employee engagement.

And not only that: seven tips to immediately make it work.

Learn how to use conversation to energize your workforce: download a FREE copy of The Engagement Paradox today!

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