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At Juice, we are greatly inspired by the story of how KISS hit the big time.

In the early to mid-1970s, KISS was determined to become famous.

But despite all the band’s hard work and relentless touring, they couldn’t catch their big break.

And then...

Something unexpected happened

A high school football coach in the small town of Cadillac, Michigan, used KISS music as a means to motivate his team.

A KISS fan himself, he drew up a new set of plays and defensive strategies based on the theory of Keep It Simple, Stupid (K-I-S-S)—and began to play KISS records in the locker room.

The players responded.

The energy from the music brought them together—and they won every game remaining in the season.

Putting fans first

KISS loved their fans.

In an unprecedented move, the band decided to play a concert—for free!—for Homecoming (makeup and all). They even spent the entire afternoon hanging out with the students.

The city held a parade in honour of KISS, and the band received the key to the city.

And the proverbial crowd went wild.


National press picked up the story...and then the international media.

It was just the breakthrough KISS needed.

You could say the rest is history.

KISS always put its fans first.

They didn’t have to play a free concert in a small town they probably had never heard of.

But they did: they took that chance and it paid off big-time.

Be the KISS of your industry

At Juice, we also put our “fans”—or customers—first.

We believe that hard work, determination and going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) are the keys to great customer service.

You could say we consider ourselves KISS material (without the makeup, of course).

What everyone can take away from this story is: don’t give up.

Success doesn’t come easily—and may take a long time to achieve.

But by putting your target audience first, you have the potential to become the KISS of your industry.

Become the KISS of your industry: learn more about Juice Inc.'s corporate training programs here! 

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