Alex Somos

At Juice, we know we’re a rather different breed in the business community.

But why?

Our business has never just been about business: since 2003, we have always been focused on bringing fresh and innovative perspectives to the business community—and at the same time, trying to enhance people’s working experiences.

Here’s what we do—and don’t do—that makes us different from the rest.

We DON’T talk to leaders or
employees about…

Instead, we DO talk about…

Doing more with less.

Identifying interference to create more energy and capacity in people.

Working harder.

Finding ways to create more ease and simplicity in their business.

Improving their engagement scores.

Improving people’s lived work experience, in order to create more energy and momentum among employees.

How to have Fierce, Courageous or even Crucial conversations.

Making the everyday conversations better. We encourage people to have preventative vs. repairing conversations.

How to wring out more “discretionary effort” from their people.

Creating the conditions where it feels good to work—and where it is easier to get results.

How to play political games.

Bringing a level of reality and honesty to the workplace that people find refreshing and energizing—even when the facts are hard.

Buzzwords or the newest, latest and
greatest flavor of the month.

How we need to “show up” to be more successful in life.

Being more competitive.

Giving organizations the will, skill and tools to be more successful.

Canned prescriptive outcomes.

The need for leaders to step into the everyday tensions and release inherent energy in a positive way.

How to manage people better.

The need to create partnering relationships: where the right things happen for the right reasons.

How to brainstorm new ideas that
don’t go anywhere.

An innovation process to generate and implement new and innovative solutions that solve problems and create value.

There are many voices out there, calling for change to humanize our working experiences.

I want to add Juice’s voice to that roster.

At Juice, we believe in the need to create a sustainable environment that will actually create change in organizations: where the possibility exists to get better results and have people flourish. It is the only way we are going to be able to sew together the generational chasms that exist; and the only way we can reduce cynicism and apathy.

Will you join the Juice revolution?

Join the Juice revolution: make every conversation count.
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Brady Wilson

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Alex Somos

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Juice Inc.

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