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At Juice, we know we’re a little different than other HR consulting firms.

In fact, two years ago when we surveyed customers for our rebranding process, over and over we kept hearing them call us “refreshing.”

That’s why Juice Inc. uses the tagline “Refreshing Ideas. Real Results.”

So what makes us so refreshing to other organizations?

We look at workplace culture differently.

It’s about energy

Logic dictates that an engaged employee is a more effective employee.

But in reality, having an engaged workforce isn’t enough to remain competitive.

That’s because employees can be engaged, but not energized.

And at Juice, we believe that it’s the personal energy level of an organization’s employees that is the leading indicator of success.

Not, as our competitors would believe, employee engagement survey scores.

Two unique philosophies

At Juice, we find two of our philosophies that resonate most with customers are:

  1. Minimize surveys, maximize energy checks  
    What we’ve learned by talking to customers is this: employees don’t care about engagement scores.

    So what do they actually care about? Their day-to-day lived experience.

    In the eyes of employees, frequent organizational surveys rarely produce results—and so with each new survey, people become more and more jaded.

    Instead, Juice recommends that businesses survey their employees less often—and instead do regular, brief energy checks with individuals and teams.
  2. Partner, don’t parent 
    Today’s managers are overwhelmed and under-resourced. When timelines are tight and stakes are high, they can inadvertently slip from partnering into parenting. Some become over-bearing, micro-managing and overly authoritative. Others become over-nurturing – they take the monkey on their own back and let employees off the hook.

    Both of these approaches leave employees undeveloped and unaccountable. A manager’s life at work can be so different when they help employees step up and manage their own engagement.

    Juice helps organizations recognize that a partnering management ethos is the most effective way to engage employees and get real results.

Juice: refreshing, invigorating, energizing!

Just like a deliciously cold glass of pomegranate juice can revitalize the body and mind, Juice Inc. has the ability to revitalize organizations from within...well beyond engagement.

Don’t believe me? Check out all these testimonials. Or these testimonials (as you’ll see, we have some very happy, energetic and refreshed customers who have benefitted from our corporate training in engagement, conversation and innovation).

Then give us a call. Let’s talk. I bet you’ll walk away from our conversation feeling a little more pep in your step.

Get refreshed. Get Juiced!

Juice Inc. has helped many organizations large and small move Beyond Engagement toward cultures brimming with sustainable energy. Could yours be next?

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Brady Wilson

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