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Juice expansion into the USNeed corporate training in employee engagement, conversation, innovation or leadership development? Juice Inc. energizes organizations from Toronto to Los Angeles. Contact us today!

Juice is abuzz with excited energy these days—more so than usual.

Why? Not only have we hired a few new faces: we also just opened our first office in the United States!

And we’re doing it at just the right time too.

The (sad) state of today’s workplace

In fact, a recent global Deloitte report tells us:

  • Two out of three employees feel “overwhelmed” in their jobs
  • 86% of business and HR leaders believe they do not have an adequate leadership pipeline
  • 79% believe they have a significant retention and engagement problem

And to boot: 77% do not feel they have the right human resources skills to address these issues.

That’s a lot of companies—and people—in need of help...and fast.

We at Juice believe that we have the corporate training solution with our Beyond Engagement process: a self-fuelling, managers-burden-lifting, employee-enhancing and empowering experience!

Humanizing the employee experience

Juice has always had clients in the United States—but with this move, we hope to add a refreshing new (and louder) voice to all the experts calling for significant changes in the workplace.

We know that businesses can have it all: a great employee experience, a great customer experience, and great business results.

However, it’s the employee experience that really drives the other two.

That’s why we urge companies to create more “humanized” environments for their employees: environments that energize people to be innovative and do their best work.

Juice: not just a business, but a cause

Our new permanent office in Claremont, California, will be run by Michael Torrie.

Although he’s our newest recruit, Michael is certainly no stranger to Juice.

We know that he not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. He lives, breathes and believes in the Juice philosophy.

All of this makes our expansion even more exciting: because, like us, Michael sees Juice not just as a business, but a cause.

All of us at Juice anticipate a hectic but extremely fulfilling next few months as we—with Michael at the helm—grow our footprint in the U.S.

Stay tuned!

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Brady Wilson

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