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For many years, “employee engagement” has been touted as the go-to solution for improving business results.

After all, logic dictates that an engaged employee is a more effective employee...right?

Not necessarily.

Senior leaders tell us they are seeing troubling signs: increasing numbers of employees and managers who are engaged, but not energized.

These employees are committed and loyal, come to work regularly, don’t complain, stay many years, and consistently strive to do a good job.

But—despite being engaged in their organization—these employees aren’t being innovative.

They’re overwhelmed by having to do “less with less.” As a result, they’re not coming forward with new ideas. They’re not going above and beyond the call of duty.

They’re not passionate about their work.

And that’s a problem.

To that end, organizations now face a new challenge: how to move employees beyond engagement to a culture where their workforce can release bottled-up innovative thinking, and consistently create breakthrough business results.

The key lies in energy.

At Juice, we believe the personal energy level of your people is the leading indicator of success.

I’m not referring so much to physical energy as to what scientists call “state of flow”—the ability to focus one’s attention on the value-adding aspects of their day, such as:

  • Prioritizing, planning and strategizing
  • Enlisting people and aligning their actions toward a common purpose
  • Having difficult conversations when a project begins to falter
  • Bringing things through to a logical conclusion, to see a project fully completed

Creating a culture that harnesses and fosters sustainable organizational energy is not easy—but it is possible.

That’s where our new program, Beyond Engagement, comes in.

Beyond Engagement is exactly as it sounds: it’s all about transforming your engaged employees into more consistently productive, passionate, innovative contributors—and reaping the business benefits of a higher-performing work environment.

Over the next several blog posts, I will discuss the benefits of making a shift from managing engagement to managing energy, and offer strategic advice to help you:

  • identify the elements of engagement that are currently working,
  • get you a provocative glimpse of something beyond engagement, and
  • build the conditions to ignite sustainable energy in your employees.

I hope you will join me on this exciting journey as we explore the transformative power of Beyond Engagement. Follow the journey!

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