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This is it: the final tenet of the Beyond Engagement philosophy!

Since April, I’ve shared many reasons why organizations must begin looking beyond traditional engagement efforts—as well as how people can begin to make that critical mind shift.

But now, you may be thinking, “How the heck can I fit all these (fabulous) ideas into my already jam-packed day?”

Breathe! Beyond Engagement is simply an “operating system” (O/S) to create ease in every single people-managing activity.

And that operating system is conversation.

How so? Conversation drives every “app” in your workplace: sales, customer service, innovation and problem-solving, to name a few—all powerful apps that can quickly unravel if conversation isn’t operating properly.

This is where all the ideas from previous Beyond Engagement articles (see below for a list!) begin to converge to make your life easier.

Simply put, by applying tenets 1 through 9 (and now 10) to performance evaluations, coaching, mentoring and the like—that is, engagement initiatives you are already doing—you can effectively deepen relationships, produce better results, and create more energy in your work environment.

Join the conversation!

Of course, we’ve only scratched the surface of all things Beyond Engagement. I encourage you to join in on the conversation below, share your thoughts and experiences, and learn more about the program.

Juice has helped many organizations large and small move beyond engagement toward cultures brimming with sustainable energy. Could yours be next?

Missed any of the exciting Beyond Engagement blog series?

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#1: Manage energy, not engagement

#2: Minimize surveys; maximize energy checks

#3: Switch from parenting to partnering

#4: Move toward tension

#5: Tap into what matters most

#6: Remove interference

#7: Create felt support

#8: Unlock emotional engagement

#9: Release innovation 

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