Jean-Francois (JF) Hivon

The Juice team is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Municipal World—Canada’s municipal magazine, and the world’s longest continuously-published magazine of its kind.

For the next few months, Juice will be carrying out research and training on topics of interest to the municipal workplace, including:

  • leadership development,
  • employee engagement, and
  • innovation.

Along the way, Municipal World will be sharing our exciting new content, insights and practical tips for public sector professionals. Click here to read our latest article.

Jean-Francois (JF) Hivon

Tap into tension - Juice Inc.When you feel triggered in a negative way, what do you normally do?

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably go into fight-or-flight thinking—that is, you get aggressive or defensive.

However, research shows that tapping into a mindset of appreciation is a powerful way to help ourselves pull through a difficult emotional situation. In fact, expressing gratitude may actually change the human brain, helping to increase well-being and reduce depression.

It makes sense. When we start to appreciate the world around us, our perspective becomes clearer and more well-balanced with reality. When we realize and recognize the things and people around us, we are often better able to focus our thinking.

Here are three ways to tap into gratitude.

Jean-Francois (JF) Hivon

Not all business meetings are created equal. Many people write off meetings as a huge waste of time.

But like them or not, meetings are a necessary evil.

In most organizations, collaboration across multiple divisions or functions is critical to the success of the operation. What is the main channel for collaboration? You guessed it: meetings!

Over the last couple of years, the City of Saskatoon realized that being a truly innovative organization is strongly tied to how meetings are managed.

Jean-Francois (JF) Hivon

Believe it or not, there are some business leaders out there who believe group brainstorming is a huge time-waster.

Their argument: in group settings where employees are asked to think creatively, some participants (whether due to conflict, social anxiety and/or complacency) do not contribute as much as they could, thus diminishing the quality and number of ideas generated. 

In fact, those on the “group brainstorming is bad” bandwagon argue that individual brainstorming is a much more effective approach to innovation.

I have two problems with this argument.

Jean-Francois (JF) Hivon

Juice recently sat down with Mario Fantozzi, CPA, CA and Business Integration Specialist at Dynacare. Here’s what Mario had to say about innovation in the healthcare sector, using Juice’s Innovation in a Box innovation training program, being a “power user” of the i5 process and tools, and the importance of structured dialogue in the creative process. (Mario Fantozzi, pictured below with one of his favourite Innovation in a Box tools - the Lotus Blossom.)

Mario, what is your role at Dynacare?
My current role is Business Integration Specialist, supporting our Project Management Office and providing direct corporate business advisory support to our CEO.

Why is innovation important in your role, and to Dynacare?
Ingenuity is one of our core values, and innovation is considered a necessary capability to transform Dynacare from a core laboratory to a health solutions company.

Jean-Francois (JF) Hivon

Want to keep your highest performers? Provide feedback more than once a year.

Click here to learn how to maximize your influence with others through The Power of Conversation.

Managers are continuously missing regular opportunities to “pump up” their highest performers.

By high performer, I’m talking about the key contributors in an organization. These employees are incredibly capable, and demonstrate great potential for moving upward in the company.

In other words: they are the employees you want to keep.

They are the employees you want to ensure are satisfied with their job and work environment.

However, annual or semi-annual performance reviews are often the only time leaders take to really speak to their employees.


Jean-Francois (JF) Hivon

innovation training for manufacturing"Game"-changing innovation made easy: click here to download D&D Automation's gamification success story, Parking Wars!

It can't be denied: gamification is revolutionizing the workplace and becoming a permanent component of innovative thinking.

But what is gamification, really?

Put simply, it’s a different way of thinking that:

  • considers how to bring “fun” into things that normally aren’t considered fun
  • involves applying “game-design thinking” in a non-game context
  • engages people by turning them into players
Jean-Francois (JF) Hivon

What do you do when your municipality is growing exponentially?

How do you stay on top of citizens’ evolving needs?

And how can you engage City employees not only to embrace, but to create change?

Jean-Francois (JF) Hivon

Download for free! Case study: Co-operators Life - Partnering for Success

Click here to learn about Juice's Beyond Engagement training program

As we publish this blog, a few of us are on our way to the 2014 Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services in New Jersey!Engagement & Financial Service Companies

We’re really looking forward to it.

For two days, we’ve scheduled multiple face-to-face meetings with leaders from some of the world’s largest financial organizations.

And we’re likely going to discuss—and offer solutions to—some of the biggest challenges the financial industry faces today.

Jean-Francois (JF) Hivon

Got employee engagement on the brain?Employee Engagement Network Knowledge Partner

If so, you’re not alone—in fact, far from it.

At this very moment, there are about 6,000 other folks like you—people from all over the world—participating in an online community dedicated to the very topic of employee engagement.

It’s called the Employee Engagement Network. And Juice Inc. is proud to announce that we are the EEN’s inaugural knowledge partner.

Created and moderated by global employee engagement expert David Zinger, the EEN is a free online resource for anyone interested in this fascinating business management concept.

David calls the EEN “employee engagement for all”—in other words, it’s an inclusive network for thousands of:

  • Directors, managers and executives in human resources
  • HR-related companies or consultancies like Juice Inc.
  • Managers and employees in non-HR related departments and organizations

In other words, it doesn’t matter whether you work in human resources or not: if you want to expand your knowledge and awareness of employee engagement via a global network of peers (versus a commercial network), you can become an EEN member.

And did we mention it’s FREE to join?

Here are all the engagement resources you get access to when you become a member:

  • More than 540 videos—many of which cannot be found elsewhere online
  • Forums to discuss anything and everything related to engagement
  • Location- and topic-specific discussion groups
  • Original blog articles and ebooks written and contributed to by engagement experts from around the world
  • Global listings of upcoming employee engagement events

Over time, you’ll see more and more content on the EEN from Juice Inc. We want you to be part of this exciting growing community committed to improving employee engagement!

Become a member of the EEN today...and then let us know what you think in the comments below.

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