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Just over three years ago, Juice Inc. made the move to our new location at 25 Waterloo Avenue in downtown Guelph.  Our hope was that by being closer to downtown, we would create a space that would enable exciting collisions, unlock potential and develop partnerships focused on enhancing business performance both locally and across North America.

Since our move three years ago, we’ve been joined by amazing partners from Floworks Training, ODScore, Dialectic Solutions and most recently, TAG Digital Studios. In the spirit of fulfilling the vision for this amazing space, we innovated, renovated, and reallocated space to meet the needs of the amazing group of people collaborating within the space.

Our most recent development has been creating our own internal classroom, designed for both internal meetings and to be rented out for external meetings. We’re taking this to next level in 2018 by bringing our knowledge and expertise to the local community by launching our 25 Waterloo Workshop Series, which will include a series of development workshops on topics such as:

  • Innovation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Communication and dialogue
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving

This workshop series is one way we are bringing our vision to life and impacting our local community. We collectively want to make a difference and we are excited to help the businesses in Guelph and the surrounding area.  

(For more information on these workshops, please visit

Brady Wilson
Juice Inc.

Get this: the most critical skill you could possibly ever have is also an operating system—but it’s not technology.

It’s conversation.

In fact, conversation is the critical backbone that can make or break employee productivity. But too often, leaders see conversation as a waste of time.

In this article for, Juice co-founder Brady Wilson discusses:

  • the power of conversation on an individual and business level,
  • how conversation positively affects the human brain, and
  • how leaders can easily create frequent (but time-efficient) opportunities to connect with employees.


Juice Inc.

July’s Democratic National Convention was home to many inspirational speeches.

But perhaps none were as highly regarded as the one by Michelle Obama.

Why couldn’t we stop listening to her? And why did we find ourselves agreeing with everything she said?

The secret lies in brain science.

For this article for, Juice co-founder Brady Wilson shares how to capture and maintain people’s attention: by first appealing to emotion, and then backing it up with reason.

Brady Wilson

Arcane [ahr-keyn]


  1. Understood by very few; mysterious; obscure; esoteric:

                  She knew a lot about Sanskrit grammar and other arcane matters.

Employee engagement is arcane to many employees. Few really understand it. They fill in an engagement survey at the behest of their leaders but are unclear about how much weight their opinion holds and what action, if any, will occur as a result of their feedback.

And what happens next makes the process seem even more obscure: silence. For up to six months.

Brady Wilson

This post is based on content from Brady Wilson's latest book, Beyond Engagement: A Brain-Based Approach That Blends the Engagement Managers Want with the Energy Employees Need.

Too often, organizations take employee engagement survey results at face value.

Rather than take time to understand the context behind these results, leaders rush to create broad-brush solutions based on overall numbers—frequently resulting in employee resistance.

Let’s be real here: there is no blanket solution for engagement. There never has been, and there never will be.

So what is the solution?

Juice Inc.
Brady Wilson

Is your organization in a constant struggle to get the most out of employees?

Simply put, employee engagement is no longer the “holy grail” of corporate strategies. 

Energy is.

In this radio interview with Tommy Schnurmacher, Juice co-founder and Beyond Engagement author Brady Wilson discusses:

Brady Wilson
Juice Inc.

Do the people in your organization ever suffer from brain freeze?

That is, are there times you see completely capable, intelligent and hard-working people’s brains shut down on the job?

If so, you’re not alone. Many organizations and business leaders are seeing the same troubling trend: workforces that are engaged, but exhausted.

In the article below from The CEO Magazine, Beyond Engagement author and Juice co-founder Brady Wilson provides three ways CEOs can use brain science principles to combat this type of “brain drain”—and release sustainable energy throughout an entire organization. 


Juice Inc.
Brady Wilson

Here’s some food for thought: conversation is an operating system more powerful than any other in your organization.

After all, it’s conversation—not technology—that enables all the important “apps” that keep your business running: critical things like customer service, feedback, coaching, strategy and innovation.

Despite this, conversation is rarely taken into account when organizations create and implement employee engagement strategies.

Brady Wilson

We are in the Era of Exhaustion. Brady Wilson, author of The Engagement Paradox, shares simple ways to increase your personal energy right now!

Exhausted? Need a quick energy boost?

Make a micro-connectionin conversation.

Here’s why:

When you experience a moment of connection with someone in a face-to-face conversation, three hormones are released inside of you that elevate your energy:

  1. Dopamine—which enhances pleasure, cuts pain, and makes you insanely creative
  2. Oxytocin—which increases bonding, rapport and trust; and decreases stress-producing cortisol levels
  3. Serotonin—reducing fear, tension and worry

Get energized! What you can do right now:

Brady Wilson

This post is based on content from Brady Wilson's latest book, Beyond Engagement: A Brain-Based Approach That Blends the Engagement Managers Want with the Energy Employees Need.

Are you relying on annual surveys to get a sense of employee engagement?

If so, you’re not getting the entire picture.

Nor are you generating the kind of intel you need to motivate employees to do their very best work.

Here’s why: engagement and innovation stem from energy—and energy is generated through quality face-to-face conversation.

Jean-Francois (JF) Hivon

Want to keep your highest performers? Provide feedback more than once a year.

Click here to learn how to maximize your influence with others through The Power of Conversation.

Managers are continuously missing regular opportunities to “pump up” their highest performers.

By high performer, I’m talking about the key contributors in an organization. These employees are incredibly capable, and demonstrate great potential for moving upward in the company.

In other words: they are the employees you want to keep.

They are the employees you want to ensure are satisfied with their job and work environment.

However, annual or semi-annual performance reviews are often the only time leaders take to really speak to their employees.


Juice Inc.

Learn about Juice’s webinar series here!

Every two weeks, Juice holds free webinars at noon Eastern Time.

Our webinars show you how—by taking a fresh approach to engagement, conversation and innovationyour organization can create energized employees, fuel great customer experiences, and get better business results.

Need more reasons to register for a free Juice webinar? Here are five very good ones. 

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