Moe Poirier

Founding Partner, Shift Facilitation

Learning Expert, Facilitator & Coach

As Founding Partner of Shift, Moe is on a mission to have corporate trainers reinvent themselves as change agents and value creators in their organizations.

For over 15 years, he has honed his craft as a facilitator and a designer of training. Moe has a gift for bringing learning to life and motivating others to strive for more.

He is an engineer, an entrepreneur, and an educator. The engineer is purposeful. The entrepreneur is creative. The educator is open. When you meet Moe, you experience a quiet confidence, a humble fierceness, and a generous spirit.

Outside of the classroom, you’ll find Moe playing hockey, training for his next running race, or spending time with his family at their home in Roncesvalles, Toronto.

Moe Poirier