Our Story

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For well more than a decade, Juice Inc. has been changing the way businesses operate through training in employee engagement, conversation, innovation and leadership.

By focusing on creating “intelligent energy” in the workplace, Juice Inc. has helped countless organizations create refreshing cultures where it feels good to work, and is easier to get results.

The Juice story begins in 1999...

At the turn of the millennium, Brady Wilson, moving on from a 10-year career in training design and facilitation, founded Dialogos: a company focused on facilitating discussion and building people’s communication skills.

Meanwhile, Alex Somos—a 13-year veteran of the business and training development world—was also looking for a career change.

Brady and Alex, long-time friends, discovered they shared a common vision: to change the way the business world does conversation . They saw a wonderful opportunity to work together and make a meaningful contribution to the training and engagement marketplace. They also shared a desire to “do good in the world.”

And so, a partnership was formed.

Over the next few years, Brady and Alex—with help from co-founder Crista Renner—evolved the company by reassessing target markets, learning more about the science of discussion and communication, and conducting research.

The company also needed a new name: one to better reflect the surge of engagement and energy businesses were experiencing as a result of Dialogos’ training programs. (Finding a new name wasn’t an easy task. Over the previous year, Brady had used “energy” and “juice” interchangeably, to describe how people felt after working with Dialogos. It was Alex who one day said “That’s it: that’s the name!”—and Juice Inc. was born.)

Over the next several years, Juice expanded its offerings with employee engagement programs (The 5 Drivers of Engagement) and assessments (the Juice Check Employee Engagement Tool); sales training (Finding the Sticking Point); and books (Juice—The Power of Conversation, Finding the Sticking Point, and Love at Work: Why Passion Drives Performance).

In 2010, Juice once again expanded its programs by partnering with Floworks, a simulations  and training company founded by Rick Boersma  and Aspen Heisey. Floworks’ strengths complemented (and continue to complement!) Juice’s offerings, adding expertise in Juice's refreshing new building 2014innovation, accountability, and highly customized simulations.

Juice continues to grow. In early 2014, the company opened its first permanent office in the United States. Run by Michael Torrie in Ontario, California, the objective of this expansion is to add a refreshingly new (and louder) voice to all the experts calling for significant changes in the workplace—and a more “humanized” environment for employees.

In mid-2014, the head office also moved to its new location.
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Our Mission

We believe that energized and engaged employees fuel great customer experiences and better business results.

Our Vision

Every employee goes home at the end of the day feeling fulfilled and energized by the work they do, so they can give to their family, friends and community.

Our Values

Be real and get great results
Create simplicity and ease
Love our customers, love ourselves
Do good in the world

Juice Inc. supports Opportunity International, UNICEF, Ride for Life and World Vision.  Alex Somos and a team travels to Mexico each year to build houses and schools for the less fortunate. 

Brady Wilson

Brady Wilson

Co-Founder of Juice Inc, Thought Leader & Author

Alex Somos

Alex Somos

Co-Founder of Juice Inc.