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Juice in Sales

Juice in Sales

The Quickest Way to Sustained Results

Customers don't trust you because they understand you - they trust you because you understand them.

Juice Inc. delivers training and development services to increase sales and customer engagement. Juice works with companies that want to build a productive sales culture and understand that interactions between people are major drivers of organizational sales success. Juice’s conversation-enhancing methodology delivers a process for improving the human experience in the marketplace, while driving sales performance and business results.  

The typical sales executive spends 50 to 95 per cent of his or her time in conversation - either face-to-face, in meetings, on the telephone or through email. If engaging in conversation is the activity your sales people do most, think about the return on investing in those skills.  Juice Inc. can help you:

  1. Build better relationships between your sales force and your customers
  2. Increase your salespeople's understanding of the core emotional needs that drive every sale
  3. Equip your sales force with more maturity, skill and professionalism
  4. Increase productivity and improve sales results
  5. Build trust and cohesiveness
  6. Develop better relationships among internal personnel
  7. Safeguard customer loyalty

The quality of your sales results are as good as the quality of the conversations that take place with your customers.Our approach is simple: we use the power of conversation to cultivate trust, respect, commitment and collaboration. Our sales approach is based on Brady Wilson's book - Finding the Sticking Poing.  The Sticking point is all about discovering "What is the driving question" with the desired states of being that are important to the client and answering  that. The Pull Conversation model would be a subset of that.  The results are profound, as evidenced by our clients, including PHH, Genzyme, Bayer and LaserNetworks.

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"Brady Wilson is the expert on releasing intelligent energy and energizing your customers."

Brian Stevenson, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, LaserNetworks Inc.

"Reminds us to set aside our agenda and focus on what people are really saying.  The results are rewarding."

Teressa Jonescu, Regional Sales Manager, Eastern Canada, Bayer Health Care, Animal Health
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