Sue Krautkramer

Sue Krautkramer


Sue brings a powerful package of expertise to her role including practical business experience in management and sales, 16 years of facilitating for Fortune 500 companies, program design and development, coaching, mentoring and counselling.  After focusing on the corporate business world for 20 years, Sue ventured into private practice as a counsellor and trainer.

Uniquely Designed, LLP is a combination of counselling, workshops and training designed to help individuals understand their unique package of talents, temperament, gifts and learning styles, and how their unique design fits into a greater whole; team, company, community or family.

She was with Eagle’s Flight of America, Inc., a world renowned experiential training company, for 15 years.  As the President of the U.S. business unit she learned the ins-and-outs of being an executive in a regionally based environment, reporting to the corporate headquarters in Toronto and overseeing offices in Minneapolis, Los Angeles and New Jersey.  As the head of sales, she demonstrated her ability to manage sales people, direct sell and manage budgets.  

Sue has passion for helping people develop leadership capabilities, their emotional intelligence, people skills and life skills.

Her unique brand of facilitating combines common sense, academic knowledge, practical application, a passion for people and a drive to create results. (About training)

 “If a person doesn’t change, it was just an interesting experience.  My goal is to help them see the possibilities, understand the potential, equip them with knowledge and challenge them to choose to change.”

Sue has worked with groups of 6 executives, needing truth and direction, to 450 sales people at a conference.  She has worked in almost every state in the U.S. as well as Brazil, Korea, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, France, Spain, Ireland, Panama, Egypt and Bulgaria.  Sue has worked with companies like Marriott, Wells Fargo, Disney, ESPN, Benjamin Moore, J Crew, & Verison. 

Sue did her undergraduate work at Arizona State University.  She has a Masters degree in Human Development, and another in Counselling.